The Benefits of Working with FWCG:


  • You’ll achieve your goals. We are a family… and our family wants to help your family. We are truly independent, the antithesis of a Wall Street Firm. For us, success is building a close relationship with you. We listen to what is important to you, and we help you make course corrections so that you can achieve your goals, and your definition of financial freedom.
  • You never have to worry about our intentions. We believe in the importance of total objectivity, and we want to ensure that the only person we are ever working for is you. This means that we prosper only as you prosper.
  • You get a raise. By utilizing one of our prudent investment portfolios, you are able to pay yourself more in retirement than you would if you were working with other advisors. For every million dollars in your portfolio, this amounts to another $10,000 – $20,000 per year in income for you and your family to enjoy. Pat yourself on the back for giving yourself a raise in retirement!
  • We’ll be accessible and easy to find. You will hear from us! You will feel like a special and valued client–because you are one. We are constantly in communication with our clients. You’ll hear from us via our blog, which delivers valuable financial insights, by phone, and of course we’ll meet with you in-person as often as you’d like. We often recommend clients come in quarterly for the first year, and semi-annually after that. We’ll even meet with you by Skype when you’re on vacation!
  • Two heads are better than one. FWCG’s partners are a team, and we bring our combined years of experience together to benefit each client. Together, we’ll bring creative and valuable solutions to the table for your most complex planning needs.