The Professional Team at FWCG takes our fiduciary responsibility seriously. We understand that full disclosure means our clients can trust us to always give them our best advice with their interests first.  Full disclosure also means our clients fully understand all our fees and any possible conflicts of interest.

We have pride in our ability to help clients will all their financial issues.  We are proud of having adapted to our client’s needs over time in several important ways.  As it became apparent that many of our clients had aging parents with serious issues about elder care planning and funding, we built professional connections to elder care lawyers and care givers in our community as well as earned specialized education in the Chartered Advisor to Senior Living designation.  Another adaptation we have developed over the last 10 years is the knowledge and experience to offer our clients a very unique diversification in alternative investments.  So that clients can allocate to a risk-management tool we developed the FWCG Opportunity Fund, LP allowing clients an extremely successful risk-management tool using a professionally vetted list of alternative investments.   Over the decades we have helped clients create extensive estate plans in close partnership with clients and their legal and accounting professionals.  Our intimate knowledge were part of the original planning for these estate plans and then we reviewed those plans regularly during client meetings, so we are very aware of the grantor’s desires.  Our experience is that clients and their families benefit from our intimate relationships with the multiple generations of grantors and heirs in helping manage expectations while distributing assets.